As you all know we work tirelessly to support and help our BWFC family and community we have almost setup our drop in centre.

What we are looking for is to raise enough money to purchase a second hand mini bus to help vulnerable people and deliver parcels etc at Christmas and to support our community in any way we can.

Any donations small our large will help us get this Bus and will be a massive help to help us do what we do, please send all donations to the account details below using the reference "MB Steve Hague Starling"


Sort Code : 60-83-71

Acc No : 64792490

Thank You


Bolton Wanderers Remembrance Group was established with the aim of hosting regular events and assisting BWFC families in need, local charities and other partners in association with the Bolton Wanderers Community Trust.


Since starting the group we have grown rapidly over the last couple of months we now have well over 3500 members. BWRG’s most recent project has been developed as we where made aware of a decline in the availability of services for people with a range of issues ie dealing with bereavement, anxiety, stress and addiction.


Alongside partners such as WhysUp, BWCT and other groups, our aim is to run a drop in facility at a community venue where people can access support for such issues.


We are actively seeking sponsorship and donations for a minibus to help transport people to and from our venue so we can remove barriers for those most in need of help, allowing them to access the support available, the vehicle will also be used to deliver various packages and items to the families in need and other vulnerable members of our community.

As recognition for your support, we would like to display your company logo on the vehicle itself together with our social media pages (Website, Facebook group(s) etc.) A range of sponsorship packages are available, as we are fully aware that the past year has been challenging not only for businesses as well as individuals.


If you are interested in sponsoring our vehicle, please contact us direct for further information contact@bwfcrg.co.uk


About Bolton Wanderers Football Club Remembrance Group

The group was formed at the wake of Mr Alan “Packy” Parkin in 2019 in the Vulcan Inn public house, Al Mather Gibby, Ivan & James Gibbons who unfortunately had to leave shortly after forming due to personal reasons. We where all chatting and we got to saying how we don’t see each other enough and we should have a get together at least once a year in better circumstances, I got to thinking about this (Al) and here we are today.

Since then we have added Steve Hague, Kelby Makin, James Derby, Nicola Girling, Darren Mansfield, David Southern , Mark Gibbons & Eddie Gilroy to our administration team due to the growth and success of the Group. And after a short time it became clear a lot of people felt the same way and here we are today holding regular events helping Bwfc Families in need, Local charity’s and partners in association with Bolton Wanderers Community Trust. We have 2 Legends as presidents. Mr Tony “Zico” Kelly & Super John McGinlay, We also have Dave Felgate, Robbie Savage, Gary Henshaw, John Thomas, Jeff Chandler, Trevor Morgan & Mark Came as our ambassadors


We as a group have had many requests from other football clubs across the UK & Ireland, inviting us to their clubs to advise them and explain how we set up our group. As far as we know we are the first club to do this and it’s a massive honour to be recognised by fellow clubs.

So here we are today growing from strength to strength thanks to our members.
We have over 5000 now on our respective Facebook pages and the camaraderie and love shown to and from Bolton people is second to none.

Together we grow strong  OINO 

Al Mather (Founder 2019)