2019 Event

Our 2019 Event @ Astley Bridge Conservative Club

2019 Event

On Saturday 14th March 2020 at Astley Bridge Conservative Club – Fans and families of Bolton Wanderers joined together in Remembrance for their loved ones.
This was with the planning of 4 fans (Alan Mather, James Derby, Mark Gibbons and Steve Hague) who attended their best mates funeral – Alan “Packy” Parkin – it was decided that they would create a Remembrance tribute group and raise money for local charities. This year’s chosen charities being Bolton Hospice & Wysupp.
The event was attended by Super John McGinlay & Tony “Zico” Kelly who agreed to become Honorary Presidents of the group.
The night was attended by 240+ people both young and older – and was a memorable night – that included a REMEMBRANCE SERVICE for fans that have passed away and memorial awards present to their loved ones to show our LOVE and RESPECT.
There was also 3 awards which will be presented annually at our events for RESPECT – ACHIEVEMENT and LEGEND.This years winners where Mr Carl Grundy Respect & Thanks Award, Mr Steve Hague who won our appreciation and Achievement award for monies raised for Christies and Bolton Hospice and finally our Legends award went to Mr Alan "Packy" Parkin.

Money was also raised through a Football Memorabilia auction and also Raffle prizes on the night and entertainment from comedian Ricky Lane & and the band “CALLOUT” and Lordy Singer & Mr Clint Jolley was our compares for the evening.
This was the first event of its kind with further events in the pipeline and we are also in partnership with the Bolton Wanderers Community Trust group – who are fully behind what we are trying to achieve,we are the first club in the country to found such at group and have been approached by other football league clubs to ask about our set up with a viewe to forming ones there selves.
We are all about supporting BWFC supporters & Families - be it wreaths, Mental Health or just a simple shoulder to listen to.
Please look out for our up and coming fund-raising events in the future.
Events like these take months of planning and fund raising events – if any local business / Blue Chip companies would like to get involved and help with sponsorship, Raffle prizes or Donations – please contact the group on you can also visit our web page or our Facebook page @Bwfc Remembrance Group (Dedicated to Mr Alan "Packy" Parkin Or Our Facebook Page @ Bwfc Remembrance Group.
Also, a special thank you to Phillip Morris from Digital Film for photographing the event. 

2019 Respect Award Mr Carl Grundy

2019 Appreciation & Thanks Award Mr Steve Hague

2019 Legends Award Mr Alan "Packy" Parkin

Remembrance scroll 2019 Event